Meet Gabe

I often say, “Life is for the living“, and I should know. I was pronounced dead at the scene of a motorcycle accident in 2009 and spent two months in a coma. I was later diagnosed with a mild Traumatic Brain Injury and a brachial plexus injury with an avulsion of the spinal cord– which paralyzed my right arm–along with a Spinal Cord Injury (C-5 to T-2). I finally decided to amputate my arm in 2020.

More than a decade into my recovery, I have found the path from the couch to living my life to the fullest regardless of physical and emotional pain. I did it by developing my four words mantra: Vision – Discipline – Strength – Determination.

After being introduced to adaptive sports at a VA’s National Summer Sports Clinic, I regularly compete in Paralympic Archery Tournaments. I also sail often in regattas around the country, play Pickleball weekly, scuba dive, and most recently golf.

If I am not training or competing, I am involved in speaking engagements and community outreach. I volunteer with multiple non-profits and veteran organizations such as The Zellner Foundation for Military Vets and Wounded Warrior Project.

I know what having all odds against me feels like. I know that overcoming those odds is not easy. But I also know that it is not impossible. If you want to find your own path from the couch to your life, follow me now.

Things I Say…

Life is for the living

Vision Discipline Strength Determination

Keep moving forward

Let’s build something together.